Woman with head in hands sitting at desk

Earlier this week, I had an extended lunch with a friend. She and I met during a tumultuous time, for both of us. It’s not an exaggeration to say that we saved each other. Her presence grounds me and her generosity gives me courage.

Surviving a toxic work environment with my spirit, sanity, and reputation in tact was the hardest career thing I’ve done. It was soul-crushing to be undermined by people I thought I could trust. And heartbreaking to realize that I needed to leave a career I was supposed to do forever.

If you’re there, too, I’m so sorry. It’s not in your head and it’s not too late to leave. Many of my clients are ready to make the leap, but don’t know where or how to start. I remember that panicky feeling and I want to help.

On November 20th, I’m running a webinar that will show you how to prep your cover letter, and LinkedIn profile for a move. It’s small by design to give you time and attention for coaching and questions. Spots are filling fast. Registration and payment information here.

I see you and I support you. Be gentle with yourself.