Tips for Mastering a Virtual Interview

Many companies aren’t inviting employees to the office yet. But that doesn’t mean that interviewing has stopped!

If you’re preparing for a virtual interview, you should treat it the same as an in-person interview. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you should be casual. Unlike an in-person interview you have the advantage of being in a comfortable space and having notes and information available to you throughout the call- use that to your advantage.

Other tips to master the virtual interview:

Dress for the role. If it’s a video interview, they can see you! Dress like you would for an in-person conversation.

Practice your call/Zoom with a friend. The more you say something aloud, the more confident you will feel. And smile!

Clean up your workspace. Clutter, loose papers, and busy artwork are distracting. You want all the focus on you and your answers.

Have a back-up plan. Technology is finicky. What will you do if your internet connection goes down? Have names and numbers of people ready to go, just in case.

If you have an virtual interview coming up, let me know and we can schedule a practice round to put you at ease! Good luck!