How to Get Noticed for a Senior Role

Have you been applying for senior roles to no avail? Landing a senior role requires a different approach than you might be used to. There are a few things you can do to get noticed if you’re not seeing the results you think you should:

1. Focus on networking – If you’re only applying to senior roles on job boards, you probably aren’t hearing about the jobs fast enough. Senior roles are usually promoted by word of mouth and have a few front runners before the listing is even posted. At the senior level, you need to network with C-level executives, board members, or investors to find out about these roles before they’re posted.

2. Leverage your position as a thought leader – In a senior role, the company is looking less at your resume and more at your ability to apply strategic thinking to the role. Are you active in your industry circles and on LinkedIn? Is your name well known in your industry?

3. Showcase specific accomplishments – Instead of just listing your experience, make sure to have a story for your successes. Have specific metrics and examples – How many people did you manage? Do you have an idea of how you helped to drive sales?

4. Research the people you’re speaking with – Look through your interviewer’s biography, LinkedIn page, social media channels, and anything else you can Google. Find some common ground and understand what their career path was like.

5. Ask for professional help – You’re looking for a senior role, so you need to know how to delegate. You aren’t an expert in resume writing, job searching, or the interview process so hire someone who is. Don’t waste your valuable time trying to learn these new skills – focus on your thought leadership and hire a career coach or resume writer and leverage their expertise