3 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Management

As we have all experienced at some point in our career, sometimes management training is sorely lacking. If you aren’t receiving good management training in your current position, or you’re looking to prepare yourself for future management roles, here are a few ways you can start the process on your own.

1. Develop a management style – The best managers are those who lead from within and clearly communicate with their teams. Are you a democratic manager or more of a coach? Do you prefer weekly communication or a monthly touchbase? Whatever style you employ, make sure you and your staff are on the same team.

2. Find a role model – Maybe it’s an old boss that helped guide you or an industry colleague whose style you admire. It’s helpful to have someone outside of your current company to confide in and get advice from.

3. Keep reading and learning – I highly recommend reading Radical Candor by Kim Scott. There are a number of other picks on my website as well. Find yourself a good management podcast and set aside a time every week for your own professional development.